Massage Therapy with Purpose.

Being Body Aware is devoted to massage therapy with purpose. We specialize in deep tissue, relaxing massage techniques and stretches to alleviate your chronic aches and pains. Whether you are an ambitious athlete, rehabbing from an injury, or have a strenuous day job, we tailor sessions and develop robust schedules to best meet your needs. 

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Our Team

We know from personal experience how easily aches can wreak havoc on your daily life, which is why we've dedicated our career to alleviating pain for others. For nearly two decades, we've worked with clients to better understand and listen to their bodies. 

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Our Services

Whether you are 20-weeks pregnant, training for a race, work a taxing 9-5 job, or simply have that pesky shoulder pain that won't go away, we'll create the right treatment plan for you. You can choose from a 30, 60, or 90-minute session, or sign up for discounted packages.

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Our Practice

We are located on the border of Bucktown and Wicker Park, just east of the Six Corners. Massages take place at Windy City Wellness, our partner who offers chiropractic and rehabilitation services.


"Massage should always be relaxing, but it has to have that added element of purpose."

— Jason Borecki, Licensed Massage Therapist


Happy Clients

From professional cellists and bar managers to surgeons and triathletes, our clients often have careers and hobbies that are physically and mentally grueling. They greatly benefit from routine care and maintenance to feel their best.